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Our horticultural lighting experts can help tailor a custom LED lighting strategy to meet any of your crop growing needs. Located in Calgary, Alberta, we offer LED lighting for retail greenhouses, grow stores, and all types of commercial farming operations, ranging from commercial greenhouses to full scale cannabis grow and micro grow operations.

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Thank you for reaching out to GrowTronics about your grow lighting needs.  To help us match you with the best grow system possible please fill out and submit this form to our team.


What do you want to grow


GrowTronics is specially designed to help plants grow better, and by matching the light with your plants will help you get the best results.  Common plants include microgreens, bedding plants, leafy greens, vine crops and cannabis.

How you want to use your lights
Tell us what you want your lights to help you do.  Common uses include starting plants indoors, bringing plants in for winter, indoor food production and cannabis tents.
How are you setting them up

GrowTronics likes to match you with the best lighting setup to achieve you goals.  Common growing setups include shelves or racks, greenhouses, tents and countertops.