We are passionate about growing

GrowTronicsTM is a factory direct distributor for all types of premium LED lighting, specific to the horticultural industry. Commercial greenhouses, vertical farmers, cannabis growers and retailers marketing to hobby growers, all benefit from our LED lighting and automation solutions. GrowTronics lighting systems help you produce profits year-round, while reducing your energy costs.

We are urban farmers ourselves and GrowTronics was born from our love of producing healthier and more bountiful harvests, without breaking the bank on electricity costs.

At GrowTronics, we are dedicated to doing everything we can to improve plant growth

In a northern climate such as ours, there is something special about being able to grow your own food and flowers year-round. There is also great satisfaction in producing plants that are bigger, bushier and more nutritious, simply by controlling the environment and lighting spectrum for the plants. This is why we are always looking for ways to combine the latest innovations in crop science, with LED lighting technology.

Let’s work together

Let one of our horticultural lighting experts help you put together a custom-tailored LED lighting strategy to meet your growing needs.